ZGT Series High Gradient Magnetic Separator

High Gradient Magnetic Separator

Zenith high gradient magnetic separator applies vertical rotation, back-flush device, and high-frequency vibration, so it has thoroughly solved the worldwide problem existing among horizontal-ring magnetic separators. It has a large enriched ratio, a strong adaptability to the feeding size, concentration and taste, reliable, convenient to operate and maintain. This machine has the capacity of high concentrate grade and high yield in separating weakly magnetic ores.

It features short magnetic circuit, high magnetic intensity, low energy consumption, fine separation, simple structure and easy maintenance. The High Gradient Magnetic Separator is suitable for the separation of weak-magnetism minerals, such as hematite, limonite, siderite, ilmenite, chromite, wolframite, tantalum, niobium and red mud, etc.

  • The ring is rotated vertically and concentrates are washed reversely, so magnetic medium will not be blocked easily.
  • Slurry pulsating devices keep ore particles loose all the time, thus improving quality of magnetic concentrates.
  • Their separation size range is large and the max separation size is2.0mm. Therefore, it simplifies classification work at working sites.
  • High beneficiation ratio and high recovery rate; Simple operation and easy maintenance with good adaptability.
Model Max Feeding Size (mm) Feeding Concentration (%) Slurry Passing Through Capacity (m3/h) Capacity of Ore (m3/h) Power (kw) Weight (t)
ZGT-500 1.0 10-40 0.5-1.0 0.05-0.25 13.5 1.5
ZGT-750 1.0 10-40 0.1-2.0 0.1-0.5 22 3
ZGT-1000 1.3 10-40 12.5-20 4-7 28.6 6
ZGT-1250 1.3 10-40 20-50 10-18 35 14
ZGT-1500 1.3 10-40 50-100 20-30 44 20
ZGT-1750 1.3 10-40 75-150 30-50 62 35
ZGT-2000 1.3 10-40 100-200 50-80 74 50
ZGT-2500 1.3 10-40 200-400 100-150 94 105
Note: The magnetic strength should be determined in accordance with the nature of the ore. ZGT Series High Gradient Magnetic Separators can be customer-made.

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